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October 27, 2016

Setting the Goals and Vision

Why do this?  Why do I want to go down this road of small scale homesteading, learning new skills and how to apply them.  Well, there are many reasons for me.  Part of me really wants to change my lifestyle to something less technology based and more outdoors based.  Part of me really wants to continue to make the changes to enable and encourage me to eat more healthily and be more active physically.  Part of me wants to apply, practice and develop the skills I have learned over the years as a challenge to myself.  Part of me want to feel like I am more self-reliant and self-sufficient.  And part of me wants to get good enough at these skills to share the skills with others.

Boy, that’s a lot of parts and the real answer is much more complex.  But that is the condensed version and I will continue to adjust and refine my vision and goals for my life and my lifestyle.  I expect to experience moderate successes and spectacular failures, and I will learn at each step in the process.  My hope is to become a better person in the process, and enable and encourage others to try things to pursue their dreams and desires.

The Adventure Begins!

For years now I have been reading and learning as many homesteading skills as I can find.  I have made plans and had many false starts.  I even moved my family to a beautiful piece of land in upstate SC, in the foothills.  Recently my work responsibilities have shifted and I am now part of a large team and I am not overburdened.  I now have time in the evenings.

I made the decision to start creating the homestead infrastructure and get the ball rolling.  I now have the beginnings of a use plan for the property, and some large range goals for what to do.

I plan to document the plans, processes, successes and failures along the way in the hopes that our efforts will inspire, educate and empower others to follow their dreams of a homestead lifestyle.

To me, the homestead lifestyle starts with a mindset that you want to be more self-sufficient, eat healthier food, and learn self-reliance skills.

Thanks for sharing our adventures, and help us create a community to share ideas, support and encouragement.